Tim Walker: Wonderful Things




Clocks and memories of grandma. The boy started his career by taking photos in the garden.






Have a camera and go somewhere. Our lives need some adventures. The world is smaller as people say, but still much bigger than you might think. See something different and press the shutter, or touch the screen, whichever suits you.






Do you have someone in mind that you always want to take photos of him/her? Or if you have a cat or puppy… It is hard to explain, and it is hard to duplicate the feeling again and again. If I meet Grayson Perry by chance, I may produce 10GB photos in a minute.







Working in Vogue is like a dream for most photographers. You can do whatever you want. And you can connect yourself with your subject through the little box. How exciting!






After using props for years, it might be challenging to use only white background. The fact is almost unacceptable sometimes because the photographer may find his works lost the magic immediately. I have to be honest, Mr. Walker is best at staging with imagination, and this is not him.







Sex. Nude. Andy Warhol. May it be your first time to see Kate Moss naked. Do not be surprised how beautiful and how normal she is. And look at this erotic chair! You will enjoy this section for sure.






Glasses with stories on. The atmosphere here is filled with mystery in darkness. From this part, you are stepping into another world, a wonderful world.







Aubrey Beardsley is really a master of pen and lines. His bold depictions are not real. The portraits from fisheye lenses are also fake. Legs are either too short or too long.







There is a fine India in history books. Elephant, religion and beautiful weather. People then and there did not speak English. They did not have accents, nor will they gave you unsatisfactory technical support. The physically real India is a little strange to me as I have never been there, not because I am a girl and worried about being raped or married but it is a bit far from London obviously. Mr. Walker spent some good time there and copied the sunshine back to Worchester.






What is your treasure box? Mine is my Prada wallet I guess. It has contained everything I need for city life. Credit cards and debit cards to take cash, pay for food and drink. Oyster card to use the underground and buses. Supermarket cards to claim bonus points and months later I will have 5 pounds back. Etc etc. Smartphone was trying to replace my wallet, and I said no.







Some Chinese models with blurry faces, still and emotionless I can tell. The fashion is growing fast in China, and the Chinese girls are growing faster. No doubt they believe they can do anything they want.







There are meaningful photos about being old and being beautiful in the same time. It is a common mistake to link beauty with young people. I really like the yellow wallpaper and the dog. And I will try to be myself.







The Bayeux Tapestry is an embroidered cloth nearly 70 metres long and 50 centimetres tall, which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England concerning William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold, Earl of Wessex, later King of England, and culminating in the Battle of Hastings.





Ends are always followed by beginnings

Something new could start now, right here

There really are so many wonderful things ❤️





That’s it.

You will see all the themes are numbered with introductions in the exhibition to help you understand the context, which are not the ones I write above.

Words cannot describe the exhibition, just as pictures cannot have you being surrounded by the sound of the jungle. Tim Walker: Wonderful Things is a definitely must-go show for people who are fond of fashion photography, staging and theatre.

More than that, V&A also placed their precise masterpieces from ancient days in smart ways to echo the topics. And it worked well. I have no hesitation to recommend this exhibition to everyone.

Remember, you must go and see. Do not forget to buy a badge afterwards.






Tim Walker: Wonderful Things

Victoria and Albert Museum

Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL



21 Sep 2019 – 08 Mar 202o

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