RA Summer Exhibitions 2021: Reclaiming Magic

How wonderful is it for me to visit the RA Summer Exhibition again! Of course, the world is still struggling with the pandemic. For that single reason, most visitors still don their face coverings, which more or less affects the length of the stay depending on individual breathing style I guess.

Nevertheless, being titled, RA is reclaiming magic with their non-disruptive summer (winter) exhibitions.  As usual, a large print hang on the central Burlington House. Amazing.

In the courtyard, instead of sculptures, there are some educational materials. I must admit I am not very interested with the way the information presented. So I just ignored them and quickly got into the gallery.



Much better and more familiar. I did not really feel the magic, but I was happy to be back to normality and humanity. People were holding the little book to check the prices of their interested works. I swiftly walked through different halls to gain a general picture of the show.



This is a very good show. Lots of new works and some you definitely want to own. Oops too late they are already sold.



You will also see some usual stuff that you probably had bought home once. And here comes the next version, just like endless upgrading of the phone. And people buy it.



Some are pandemic related, not many. I am sure the curators are not Coronavirus deniers, yet they had made great effort so your visiting mood will not be spoiled by the reality. Magic it is in this way.



Then I found my favourite of this exhibition. Thousands of car models. Imagining their owners, where are they? What are their stories? This kind of works always hit me hard with emotions. On the other hand, never ever hit my wallet. I looked at them, I enjoyed the display, then I walked away. I would not own it, not own many people’s stories.



Another! Smaller this year though. I remember that previously there was a much larger one at the same place.



While there are many more to see, unfortunately I was close to my limit of wearing a face mask. RA did say that “wear face masks if you can”, and I absolutely have the freedom to take it off now legally not worrying a penalty or warning, but I still prefer leaving than staying with the mask on.

Not a problem really, I will be back and stay for another two hours later some day. In the meantime, I highly recommend this exhibition to you all. Just go and see it, as you do every year.



Written by Ian and edited by Ivy


RA Summer Exhibition

Burlington House

Piccadilly, London W1J 0BD


22 Sep 2021 — 2 Jan 2022

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