Masterpiece London 2022: Luxury and Exploratory


Masterpiece London is one of my favourite art fair. It is housed in Royal Hospital Chelsea every summer, and offers free shuttle golf buggy to bring visitors directly to its door from the Chelsea Bridge Road entrance.

Walking on the red carpet is a great experience on a sunny day.



Of course, red carpet is not what we are going to talk about. Indeed, we will show you Masterpiece London as the world’s leading multidisciplinary art fair, offering the finest works of art, design, furniture and jewellery, from antiquity to the present day. Errr, probably no jewellery this time.

Right, let’s start with a very interesting sculpture – St Michael by artist Claire Partington 2022 presented by Arusha Gallery. It is made of glazed ceramic and mixed media including earthenware, oxides, glaze, enamel, lustre, gold earrings and glass bottle. St Michael, the angel who slew the dragon, is a well known male figure in many paintings.

Here, the artist adds some modern twist and depicts a girl (or trans) wearing a bra and holding a phone, while her left foot stepping in the dragon’s mouth and posing for a selfie. Bravery and feminism, what more needed for a better world?



David Aaron Gallery amazes everyone by showing a very huge Triceratops skull. This skull was discovered in November 2019, in Weston Country, Wyoming. In the rich geological area, many Maastrichtian fossils have been found. This picture lacks of reference to its real dimensions, we strongly advise you go and see it with your own eyes. Very very huge and lots of details!



The Egyptian exhibition adds some exploratory fun for the visitors by providing the VR experience to walk in a tomb. The effect is so real that once wearing the goggle, you will sneak around the virtual coffin and rise your head to watch closely the virtual giant wall paintings, that may make you look a bit funny from the audience’s perspective.

Nevertheless, ask your friend to record a short video for you. It will be a good laugh and nice memory too.

The next section of the Egyptian show is more about the scripts, records and books. For anyone who are interested about the Egyptian knowledge and art, especially life and death, this section proves to be quite enjoyable.



For supercar and yacht lovers, Ferrari and Riva brands should be able to give you some getaway from the art world. Pausing for a brief time, looking at these precious machines made of metal and glass, it feels good to be a human right?



Talking about human, we see a lot of young visitors here. Masterpiece London is very generous to offer free entry to all the children under 14 years old. You do not need a family ticket to bring 1-2 children, or one adult with 1-4 children.

And students also get discounted tickets which cost merely £20 pp, which is quite affordable for such a big show. Plan ahead, you will need at least 3 hours to roughly see the works we mentioned above, and 2 days if you want to know as many pieces as possible.



Masterpiece gives everyone an unparalleled opportunity to discover exceptional works of art, and own them. Its unique fusion of heritage and style, tradition and the contemporary creates an extraordinary week of cultural, culinary and social experiences in the heart of London.

See you next year, Masterpiece London!



Exhibition information:

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Masterpiece London 2022

The Royal Hospital Chelsea

South Grounds,
London, SW3 4LW


30 June – 6 July 2022

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