Masterpiece 2019 Highlights


Masterpiece London is the must-attend event of the capital’s summer art season, interestingly paired with RA Summer Exhibition which focuses more on current artists and contemporary art. Beneath a tented temporary structure on the ground of The Royal Hospital Chelsea, Masterpiece is all about the best and most expensive art, design, jewellery and antiques available on the market today. For this reason, lots of individual and institutional collectors are attracted to London from all over the world.



Stepping into Masterpiece, you will be instantly amazed by the large scale sculptures. Sculptures are always the best part of Masterpiece. They are different from Frieze or YSP, being more practical, innovative and decorating, often first time displaying to public on this occasion. This Anthony James’ piece shown below is a good example. You can imagine your guests will ‘wow’ if they see one in your lounge or back garden – small and big size available with starting price £126,400 made of steel, glass and LED lights. To see the full work, please visit our instagram.



Due to its embarrassment of richness, scouting out the unmissable art at Masterpiece is no easy task. Indeed, we recommend you to visit the fair at least twice as we did for the last few years.



If I have to, by all means, name a gallery that I love the most this year, I would say MacConnal-Mason really won my trembling heart and precious time during the visit.



And there is one more thing about the most prestigious and popular artist Banksy. Geoffrey Diner Gallery shows the street artwork ‘Kissing Coppers’ which is claimed to be original detached from a pub (Prince Albert Pub to be precise) wall of Brighton. However Banksy says ‘no’ and this work is not authenticated by Pest Control. So see it by yourself, there are two more days to go.





The Royal Hospital Chelsea

South Grounds, London, SW3 4LW



27 June 2019 – 3 Jul 2019

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