Pride in London 2019: You are free to love whoever you want to love


The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: ‘Here in London, you’re free to love whoever you want to love and be whoever you want to be.’ To respond to his calling for love,  there are 1,500,000 people on the streets to celebrate the Pride in London 2019, which marks the 50th year of LGBTQ+ groups standing up and making their voices.



But the sentence is actually broken by the Mayor. ‘You are free to love whoever you want to love’, which is absolutely true, yet please do not expect whoever will return the love you want from him/her. ‘You are free to be whoever you want to be’, because your life is yours, spend it wisely and you may enjoy your life longer.



The question is, how can we enjoy our lives longer in London?

This city is halfway down to a real crime scene. People happily walk on the streets today may be stabbed to death tomorrow, in broad daylight. It seems drug dealing and stabbing problems can never be tackled and we just cannot go back to the good old days.

Never mind, businesses do not care about it. It is not that politically right cool stuff that can attract people’s attention and probably their money too. Love is love, and pride is now bigger, louder, noisier, being supported by the universe.



Banks, hotels, telecoms, fashion brands, office sharing and even ice cream, they do not miss this ‘show you I care’ opportunity. Drinking, dancing, taking photos. climbing to the bus shelter and waving to the crowds, people do not miss this ‘do whatever you want’ street party.

But for the victims from hate crimes, from poverty and drugs, from sex/love attacks, when this day is over, what’s truly left or changed?



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