Still Good to See Manga in British Museum


I really adore the entrance setting. A little girl is looking into the room where the universe of Manga is residing with endless possibilities. Being a Londoner means that I, like most people who fancy Japanese culture, will be able to go to Japan Centre near Leicester Square or Japan House in Kensington High Street to find what I want, either food or Manga. I do not expect this happening in British Museum.



However, as a grown-up, whose childhood witnessed the great days of Manga, I do not read Manga now really. One reason is, I lose interests to the subjects of Manga. They are no more related to me.

For example, my footballer dream was gone before I entered university.



And I cannot save the world from aliens or evil people too. I did not have that sort of super power after graduated and even if I did, why should I? Evilness is no longer a problem to our real and political life.



Another reason is, I spend much more hours on social media… This is not good, I know. But I just cannot resist browsing the world via different eyes, even the images are faked, they are so beautiful to look at and I do not care much about the genuineness in this case. I bet most people have the same idea.



Regardless, I still enjoy the exhibition. It is like a mirror to past. When I am staring at the moving pictures, I have the little one in my mind, who was fearless, faithful, had a lot of questions and dreams. growing-up is really a terrible thing, isn’t it?


Manga マンガ

British Museum

Bloomsbury, London WC1B 3DG


23 May 2019 – 26 Aug 2019

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