RA Summer Exhibition 2023: The Perfect Stage


I recently took the time to visit the 2023 Summer Exhibition in London, and was deeply attracted by all kinds of imaginative works of art. Unknowingly, I spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Royal Academy of Arts. The exhibition halls are decorated like this:



Speaking of which, visiting the Summer Exhibition is definitely one of the proud traditions in the UK. This exhibition was founded in 1769, that is 70 years earlier than the British and Qing Opium Wars. Even during the two world wars, the exhibition continued business as usual, which shows the deep obsession of the British people.

Entering the modern society, the content carried by the exhibition is becoming more and more flourishing, and the medium of expression more and more diverse. In the meantime, because of the stable traffic and sales, the participating artists are promised of good income.



Contemporary art, from a certain perspective, can be regarded as a symbol reflecting the progress of a society’s civilisation. This is because contemporary art is usually about free expression. For example, there may be admiring the nature and beauty, and there may be despising the idols and ugliness. Of course, it can also be the other way around.

All in all, Britain’s inclusive, relaxed and free social environment provides the excellent soil for the development and presentation of contemporary art, which in return advances Britain’s civilisation to the forefront of the world.

And the RA Summer Exhibition, being very successful for more than 250 years, is the perfect stage to show the advantage.


The following are some pictures of the visit to share with you. If possible, it is recommended that you should go there in person. The experience is completely different from looking at the pictures.



Exhibition information: https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/exhibition/summer-exhibition-2023

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