Charlotte Garnett

Charlotte studied jewellery design at Central St. Martins, and completed a 2 year residency at Sarabande: The Lee Alexander McQueen foundation, where she developed her unique contemporary designs whilst exploring the kinetic uses of wearable and hand held jewellery. Her ‘Cure for the Itch’ 2015 and Wearables 2017, explore the subject of soothing anxiety driven habitual behaviours. She optimises ergonomic design to offer personalised solutions for such repetitive, anxiety-driven actions as habitual fiddling or chain-smoking as coping mechanisms. Charlotte has drawn inspiration from several sources, including from traditional worry beads to psychology studies which demonstrate how the handling of an object can block trauma and anxious thoughts.

By considerately combining the textures, colours and qualities of metal, ebony and personalised resin encapsulations, Charlotte maximises their comforting qualities, inviting wearers to occupy their fiddling fingers with these discreet solutions to tackle day-to-day anxiety.

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